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The course is specially designed for those who want to start their own startup but facing difficulties and are unaware of key factors of startup.

Five Elements That Shape the Core of a Strong Startup

1. Vision: Strong body starts with the strong mind.
2. Values: The second thing that helps shape the core of your company is
your values.
3. Product and engineering: In the past, great companies were about great sales and marketing.
4: Feedback loops
5: Resilience

What makes a startup successful?

Proper workplace culture, vision, and teamwork: these are the factors that drive a startup towards success. Without these things, companies can fail and become a part of the terrible statistic that plagues most startup companies.
Get first-hand knowledge from founders on how to start your own business, kickstart a venture inside an organization, or to simply understand and discuss the topic.

Download this course and start your journey to build your own startup.

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