Tag Line: You’ll See It When You Believe It shows you how to discover your true, best self by revealing how to use the power of your mind to find peace with yourself, the people around you, and the universe.

Self-improvement is a popular topic these days. It makes sense, too. we’d all like to become happier, slimmer, and better all around. Unfortunately, as you’re well aware, even though you put in the work, it doesn’t usually lead to fulfillment.
But that’s not your fault. It’s simply a matter of focusing on changing the wrong things. The truth is, you can’t be significantly happier just by getting a toned body or a new job.
Trying to change your life with these external sources of happiness won’t work. That’s because real joy comes from within yourself. The personal growth you seek really begins with changing your mind.
Wayne Dyer’s book You’ll See It When You Believe It: The Way to Your Personal Transformation will teach you every step you need to make this metamorphosis happen. It teaches how to let go of what’s holding you back and tap into the true source of change for the better.
Let’s learn as much as we can from Dr. Dyer in just 3 lessons:
1. For true self-improvement, focus on changing your mind instead of your outward appearance or lifestyle.
2. Your thoughts are the gateway to making your biggest dreams become reality.
3. Break the invisible and false boundaries you set for yourself by believing that your achievements have no limits.
Are you excited for a new, more fulfilling life? Let’s dig right in and get to discovering how to make it happen!

Lesson 1: Forget about changing your lifestyle or appearance, true self-improvement comes from expanding your mind.

Most people get excited about changing themselves every year and set goals. Usually, that means trying to get healthier. Just consider how just mentioning the word “goals,” makes you think of weight loss.
This leads to gyms full of people trying to lose weight or get fit, at least for a couple of weeks. When we do this, we not only fail to reach our desired result, we also fail to focus on the most important part of improving ourselves-our mind.
When I say “think of a person” you consider the sight of their body, right? But if we only think of people as a group of bones and organs, everyone is exactly the same. The reality is, we’re each far more than what we can see with the eye.
Your body is only 1% of who you are. You can’t see, touch, or smell the 99% of your personality that’s made up of your thoughts and feelings. This is the only place where true, deep, and lasting personal development is possible.
Instead of trying to set goals to go to the gym more often, look for ways you can take your mind for a daily workout. Trying to improve your thoughts will have a far greater impact on the growth you’re looking for.
There will always be a limit to how fast you can run or how much weight you can lose. But the potential progress within your higher consciousness has no bounds.

Lesson 2: To make your biggest dreams become reality, focus first on nourishing your thoughts.

Look around you. What do you see? Where do you live? What are you doing every day? Take a close look and consider it all. Everything you have, do, and are, is the result of a thought you once had.
Your career, for example, is the result of a thought you had to pick a certain major in college. You had the idea to apply for the job you’re in, which is why you’re there.
The root of all life experiences and changes is thoughts. If you want a different life, one where your wildest dreams are reality, you need to focus on improving your thinking. Doing that takes just a few simple steps.
First, identify how everything you can do will originate from a thought first. The vision you create in your brain is the beginning of getting what you want. So focus on what you desire.
The next step is to start believing that everything you need to make your desired future happen already exists. It’s all there, you only need to discover how to use it.
After that, will your thoughts to become reality. You need the resolve to move or quit your job, for instance.
Last comes letting go of the fear of failure. Realize that as long as you’re willing to work for the future you want, you can never fail.

Lesson 3: Believe that your achievements have no limits to break through your invisible boundaries and reach your full potential.

Would you say that you’re dedicating your life to what you love? The sad truth is that your job probably isn’t something you’re crazy about. It only places limits on what you can do, wear, and become.
Your job restricts your freedom, and that’s no fun. But how did you get here in the first place?
The problem is that you have a scarcity mindset. This means focusing only on what you lack in life instead of what you have.
One of the most common manifestations of this mentality is in phrases like “I’ll be happier when I have [blank].” You can probably already think of something you’re filling in that blank with, whether it’s money, time, or something else.
The job you’re in makes you unhappy because you have a scarcity mindset around money, for example. You’re simply afraid you won’t have enough financial security without your awful job, so you keep it and limit yourself.
Stop limiting what you can achieve with a scarcity mindset. Instead, have an abundance mentality by focusing on the endless possibilities around you.
Recognize that the universe is infinite and so is your mind. Nothing is impossible, and all it takes is belief to make your dream life become a reality.
Start by being grateful for everything you have. You’ll soon realize that there isn’t much scarcity in your life, so you might as well start focusing on abundance!

Final Words

I love books about the power we all have to build a happy, fulfilling life with just our minds. You’ll See It When You Believe It is a powerful reminder of how real joy in life comes from within, not outside ourselves. I’m excited to start using the principles I learned in this book to make every day more exciting and productive!

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