In Search for Happiness

turns out that our brains are literally hardwired to perform

their best not when they are negative or even neutral, but
they are positive. Yet in today’s world, we ironically
happiness for success only to lower our brain’s success rates.
                                                    —SHAWN ACHOR, THE HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE
The ultimate
line of every thought, every human philosophy is – How to become happy no
matter what the situation is? No one is free from desires and dreams and we all
have some goals but if we think why we have such goals desires and dreams? We
will come to the point that -to make ourselves happy and feeling joy, Is not
The biggest
mistake we all human being do is we attach our happiness with our dreams , we
have make our belief that we will only be happy if we full fill our desires or achieved
some materialistic  things .
 Are you one of them who has attached their
happiness to their dreams? then your life is going to be miserable you
will  loss most precious moments of your
life, it will never make you happy in most of the time span of your life, You
will always be looking for the future 
,it will never let you live in the present moment

shouldn’t do things so we can be happy. We should be happy so we can do things.

No matter
what you do for a living, the end goal is to be happy. First take a look at your life  So how do you become
happier? This varies by individual, but there are some things you can do to
become happier that are proved by modern psychology and spirituality.
Here are 4 fundamental
practices you can do to make each day mean more.

Live in the present Moment

Live in the present Moment

You don’t have
to wait for happiness, Start to live in the present moment and don’t miss the
moment where you should enjoy in your life. Never miss the laughing moments
around you ,live in the present moment of ecstasy , be in love with the people
around you, talk with them , share with them stories and listen to theirs, this
world is whole about your present moment . Someone asked from Richard Branson ,
 “You’re always happy. What do you do
when you’re sad?” Branson replied,

can’t remember the bad times. I only remember the 
things that happened in my life.

Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

Those who are
grateful for what they have are happier than others .The secret to leading a
blissful life is to be content with what you do have, don’t look at others,
don’t allow others to impose their thoughts on your mind. Practicing gratitude help
you to increase your happiness level, it gives you more energy, it decrease
your depression level  it boost your mind
level to more positive aspects of life

dreams are just a part of your life not your whole life

Research has
been proved that one of the key things that lets us work optimally in the world
is –the ability of our mind to control our happiness level. It is a skill which
we can learn through practices and experiences.

Believe in Giving

Cheerful Giver

you want to be happy then try to make others happy.

99% people
believe in taking —they don’t know the power of giving. Giving gives you more
than what you give, it gives you inner joy and satisfaction. God created us to
help each other’s, it gives contentment, it gives us purpose that we more than
just for ourselves .Nothing in this world gives more satisfaction than than by
giving others .Initially it seems hard to you but Once you start to believe in giving
you will feel the difference in your inner self and you will understand that
you did not lost anything.
It will
enrich your life and make you feel more satisfied, happier, more fortunate,
more blessed with your life. When spending money, remember that as good as it
is to spoil yourself, you may feel more fulfilled in the long run by buying
something for someone that you love.
 4.    Meditation OR Spiritual Practices

Practice Meditation

Find a quiet
place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes .Try to
detached your mind from every negative thoughts  and imagine yourself in totally
new world of natural beauty .How to remove Negative Thoughts .
Try to connect yourself with God ask him for a
peaceful mind. Ask from God whatever you want to ask, then be silent for a
moment -and listen. You will get most of your answer.
After spending
sometime meditating or praying, you will experience feelings of calm and
contentment, as well as heightened awareness and empathy.
Also Spend sometimes in good weather makes
you work more efficiently, increases your energy, and boosts your mood.

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